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Consumers rely on good reports about companies or businesses they want to transact with. This isn’t something that started today, since time immemorial; consumers relied on referrals from friends, family members, spouses, etc. They did it because of the trust they had, as well as the fewer huddles they faced during purchases of whatever kind.

Fast forward, consumers till rely upon consumer reports when making purchasing decisions. E-commerce companies too feel the need for some level of consumer feedback/report to nudge their customers, including potential ones into buying wares from them. But one industry that still lags behind with regards to giving consumers what they need is the essay writing e-commerce. Most essay writing companies, out of the need to protect their writers, as well as their consumers avoid open feedback, comments and reviews. escapes from this model and is doing its best to ensure that consumers on essay writing companies have as much info about whoever they’re dealing with like their offline or mainstream e-commerce counterparts.

Students seen as consumers

Consumers are people who spend their hard earned money on goods and services. When they’re too busy (students) with their school activities to write their assignments themselves, many students rely on college paper writing companies for help. Whether they spend their money to buy essays, term papers, research papers or custom college letters, these students are qualified as consumers. They need some form of consumer report to buy wisely, just like other people.

Why we need to review essay writing companies

Essay writing companies do an excellent job that carries a lot of weight in the life of the average college students. Writing essays is no easy task, either for the student or professional essay writer. Since the industry has less consumer reports or reviews if any, the lack of oversight has led to the proliferation of companies with little or no regard for students’ welfare. Most of them end up scammed, or find themselves working with non-native essay writers who scam them. Reviews are essential to ensure that the welfare of these students is guaranteed. reviews essay writing companies.

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How it works

We continuously ask our users, most of whom are students with a bad rep using some essay writing companies. Some of them have had a good experience. We let them feel free to leave a comment, rating and feedback about their unique experiences in various companies. We also review essay writing companies internally.